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Hello this is Jeff Krafft, writer and executive producer for Reveal Promotions. 


A bit about myself: Since childhood, I have always been a curious and creative person.  Over the years I've enjoyed designing and inventing things, working in 2D and 3D art, teaching 2D art, working with computer-generated arts or graphics, writing short stories or television scripts, and working with every aspect in video production.  I started playing music as a young teen, played in bands as an adult, and later began writing and recording my own music either for enjoyment or to accompany my art or used in our art TV show.


Because of all these interests, I can easily relate to the many creative types I have met - and really enjoy what they do as well!  Every day, like most of us, I enjoy and benefit from the work of others.  This inspired me to create a small company that can help promote other artists many of us may never get the chance to know.  My painting TV show already has a similar idea where I introduce and play the music of lesser-known composers or groups during our show - intended for painting instruction.  Since music is used in the shows anyway, why not help some others in the process!


So I created "Reveal Productions" which I consider artists helping artists.  I do work for small businesses or organizations as well however - trying to offer them something more meaningful, economic and artistic to their advertising approach.


Call 219-718-5723 or write any time.  I am more than happy to just answer any questions or offer a couple of simple possibilities (of which there are many) with no obligation.  Tell me your goals and budget and do my best to offer something to "fit"!  Often one can start out small and simple and easily build upon without hiring someone new all over again.


Thanks for the visit and hope to hear from you soon.   Jeff

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(219) 718 - 5723

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